Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Giveaway Rights, Master Resell Rights and Private Label Resell Rights?

  • Products with Giveaway rights mean you are free to pass on that eBook or software at no cost to anyone.
  • Master resell rights mean you could give it away, resell it, create new information packages or include them in your own membership sites and you can pass on the resell rights to others. This takes the product selling to another level. With Master resell rights, you actually take over the whole process yourself and don’t have to pay anyone else. All of the money is yours to keep.
  • Private label resell rights mean you get the source files so you create a new product from it and call it your own. You can also use this content on your sites, use it as a solid foundation for your very own eBook or even use it in your Blog.

When will I get access to eBook Profit Package after I place my order?

Your credit card details are verified instantly, and you will have access to the eBook Profit Package within a couple of minutes after your order is placed.

Are my credit card details secure when I order from your site?

Yes. All credit card transactions on our site are handled by http://www.paypal.com, a third party credit card processing company. Paypal is one of the biggest credit card processors on the internet and has the highest security standards.

What format do the ebooks come in?

This Unique Business Package In a Box is delivered to you in a secure eBook Package Zip.exe format. To open your eBook Package you will need a Zip Tool and to read any of the .pdf files you will need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer if you don’t already have it. It can be downloaded for free on the Adobe website.

Can you guarantee that I will make money by selling the products and using the techniques provided by eBook Profit Package?

. We do not guarantee that you will make any money. That depends on factors that are out of our control, like your motivation, desire, knowledge, etc.

What knowledge do I need to sell eBook Profit Package?

We’ve included quite detailed instructions on how to begin selling the products online. Most users with a basic knowledge of the workings of the Internet will have no difficulty selling eBook Profit Package. Also the eBook Profit Package now comes with a Turnkey Web Site Set Up! However if you encounter any difficulties, we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

How do I promote these products once I own them?

Advertising and promoting products online is the challenge that faces every single internet entrepreneur . You’ll find lots of information on marketing and promoting your products within the many eBooks that are included in the eBook Profit Package.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with my purchase?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a refund within 6 weeks from the date the order was placed. Your money will be refunded to you in full. Please note that after 6 weeks all sales are final.

How long will it take to download the Ebook Profit Package and it’s contents?

The Ebook Profit Package is very small in size and will take about less than a minute to download. From within the package you will be able to download all products individually, any time you wish. Download times vary but are usually around 1-12 minutes per product. (See Demo of page here)

If I buy now, will I have to pay again when new products are launched?

No. Ebook Profit Package comes with Free Updates. Every time a new product is released, it will be made available to you free of charge.

What are the system requirements for the Ebook Profit Package software?

Hardware requirements are very low. If your computer can run windows, then it will run Ebook Profit Package and all the titles contained in it. Please note that the software is not compatible with Mac or Linux.

Do I need to be connected to the internet when I am downloading products?

Yes you have to be connected to the internet when you are downloading products.

Can the individual titles contained inside the Ebook Profit Package be included in other packages, or membership sites?

Yes, all the individual products found within the package can be included in other packages and membership sites.

Can I sell the individual titles contained inside the Ebook Profit Package for as much as I want?

Yes, you can charge as much as you want when reselling the individual titles contained within the Ebook Profit Package.

Can I create my own Package by using the individual titles contained within the Ebook Profit Package?

Yes. You can create your own packages by bundling together the titles contained in the Ebook Profit Package.

Do all the individual products contained in the Ebook Profit Package come with sales websites?

Yes. All the individual products come with professionally designed sales websites.

Will I need to make any changes on the sales pages before I will be able to use them?

You only have to change two things on each of the sales pages. The order address and your contact information. Everything else is already set-up for you.

Do I have to host the Ebook Profit Package files on my own server?

No. We will host the main file, as well as all the individual downloads contained in the Ebook Profit Package on our server ready for when you want to download. So thier is no need to download any products until your ready.

However, if decide to sell the products on your own Website then you will have to host them on your own server. If you are looking for a host we recommend 123-reg www.Siteground  hosting and internet service providers finding them to have quick and reliable servers.

Can I sell these products on sites like Ebay?

Most of the authors of the respective ebooks and marketing tools in the package have their own rules about how and where their products can be sold. While most of them can be sold on Ebay, it’s important that you respect the author’s suggested retail price in order that you don’t destroy the value of the product for everyone.